The heart of a home is its kitchen. And its soul are the members of the house. A simple act of purchasing a small device- Rakshak Gas Guard Mini (RGGM) will keep your family’s happiness, smiles, cheers and security always first. Entrust us this responsibility and sit back and relax.

“Rakshak Gas Guard Mini” is a unique, patented mechanical LPG excess flow leakage controlling safety device. It protects against any excess gas leak accidents and cylinder blasts.

This tiny yet powerful device when installed on the output nozzle of an LPG cylinder regulator. It provides protection by curbing the excess leakage and flow of gas to the stove.

Why Relon

RELON Oil and Gas Limited is a leading gas safety device manufacturer in India that has created the Rakshak Gas Guard Mini, a state of the art and extremely useful gas safety device that is designed to prevent gas accidents in the kitchen. The product has been very well received in the market owing to its superlative attributes. The praiseworthy features of Rakshak Gas Guard Mini are its design, size, functionality, convenience of use, and affordability. The product uses patented technology and has been certified by premier and acclaimed Indian labs and institutes.

RELON is constantly expanding and upgrading its distribution network so as to make it extremely easy for you to buy gas safety device in Delhi as well as in other parts of the country. If you are a dealer/distributor interested in associating with a novel company that values reliability, growth and development, please complete the contact us form here.


“Rakshak Gas Guard Mini” is a unique, patented mechanical excess flow leakage controlling LPG and PNG safety device. This pioneering product is intended to protect and safeguard and elevate the most precious element of all - human life. When installed on the output nozzle of an LPG cylinder regulator, it provides 100% protection from blasts and accidents. The palm-sized equipment curbs and prevents gas leaks and cylinder blast accidents by detecting low LPG or PNG pressure levels, and pre-empting exigencies and emergencies. It thus makes harnessing safe natural resources easily possible without having to skip a heartbeat.

Features & Benefits

  • Auto cut off facility for excess gas leakage
  • Prevents minor and major leaks
  • Prevents minor and major leaks
  • Saves gas by 8-10%
  • 2 years replacement warranty
  • Works on all regulators
  • Compact size
  • Easy and self-installable
  • IISC and lab certified


  • Ensure proper ventilation in the kitchen. Avoid cooking in confined spaces.
  • Always read the operating instructions provided by the manufacturer very carefully.
  • Do not connect or disconnect cylinders near a naked flame.
  • Do not place any plastic or flammable items near the flame.
  • Never leave your cooking unattended.
  • Wear clothes that do not catch fire easily.
  • Close the regulator knob to OFF position when cylinder is not in use.
  • Always keep the LPG cylinder cool and away from flames, sparks and heat.
Truly Rural

The Prime Minister, Shri Narender Modi’s Ujjwala Yojana was intended to distribute LPG connections to rural women living below the poverty line, across India. The health risks associated with cooking on a Chulha were supposed to be eliminated. However, safety measures and the associated risks were never properly communicated to the users.

Lack of awareness and education has led to a number of cylinder blasts and accidents. Rakshak Gas Guard Mini is also looking at penetrating to the remotest corners of the country to safeguard its citizens.

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Celebrating Womanhood

In most Indian households, a woman plays multiple roles in her personal daily life. Whether she is a daughter, a sister, a wife or a mother, she is the central core of the family. She is an administrator, a care giver and a nourisher. She is the divine ‘Annapurna’ – the creative and nurturing spirit, who often puts the needs and wants of others much above her own. These multifaceted qualities make her more than just a household queen… they make her indispensable in the lives of the rest of her family members. And all that she expects in return for this unconditional affection is happiness, love, and security.

The average Indian woman spends about 2 hours daily in the kitchen. The least we can do is ensure complete safety for her while she goes about preparing all those wonderful dishes. Using LPG cylinders or piped gas without adequate safety measures such as a domestic gas safety device can prove to be very dangerous. So, to protect the women and in effect, the soul of the nation from accidents that may happen due to leakage of LPG cylinder systems as well as to make every kitchen a safe place, RELON Ltd. presents the “Rakshak Gas Guard Mini”, a tiny yet robust and the best LPG gas leak safety device that safeguards human lives from gas leaks and cylinder blasts.

A safe family is a happy family!

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