About Us

About Relon

A very ambitious yet humanitarian idea saw the birth of Relon in 2013. The end objective of the directors of the company was to reach the length and breadth of the country and the globe with superlative, useful, state of the art, affordable and unmatched products. 

The idea was ably backed by the credentials of the company’s visionaries. Exemplary technical knowledge combined with astute business knowledge was the mantra for the company’s evolution, growth and development.

From the very beginning the company’s USPs have been:

R – Reliability
E – Exclusivity
L – Laureate
O – Originality
N – Novelty

Our Vision

Human life is a gift from the Almighty and Relon Oil and Gas Limited is committed to preserving and safeguarding it.

Our Mission

The company aspires to offer superlative and patented products that elevate and promote the quality of life of mankind and womankind. 

Company’s Goals and Objective

The company was set up with a number of purposes in mind. The foremost amongst those were: