Safety doesn’t happen by accident!

Safety doesn’t happen by accident!

Liquified Petroleum Gas or LPG as it is commonly known; is something that has revolutionized the face of kitchens across India. All urban households use LPG cylinders for cooking and heating. The Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala scheme aims to further the reach and penetration of LPG into the rural areas too.

This gas- LPG is a mix of hydrocarbon gases and has a very wide variety of uses. In India, we use LPG cylinders in the agricultural, industrial, construction and hospitality sectors in addition to domestic use. LPG serves as a fuel for cooking and heating.

Though the present-day reach is now very widespread; the gas is highly inflammable and proper safety measures need to be followed to ward off accidents. Lack of awareness coupled with carelessness is the main reason we hear of accidents so very frequently.

Let us analyse some of the accidents that have happened in the recent times and understand how each of them was totally unavoidable.

Scenario 1:

Date of the Accident: 13th November 2020

Place of Accident: A Dhabha in Sasarni Village, Punjab

Casualties: 3 persons are feared dead; including the owner of the Dhabha. 3 more people were seriously injured.

Reason of Accident: Inflammable material was housed at the backside of the Dhabha. This material caught fumes which reached the spot where the cylinder was kept. The impact was so huge that the 3 people who are feared dead; be immediately charred.

How the Accident could have been prevented: Inflammable material should never be kept in the vicinity of gas cylinders. There should be a gap of at least 20 feet between the cylinder and the flammable and combustible liquids like oils, grease and kerosene and easily ignited materials like paper and wood.

Scenario 2:

Date of Accident:9th August 2020

Place of Accident: Pune District

Casualties: 1 dead and 8 injured

Reason of Accident: Gas leakage as soon as the stove was turned on due to a faulty pipe

How the Accident could have been prevented:The reason of the blast was that the pipe had cracks. It could either have been that the pipe was old and worn out or that it was bitten by rodents. Due to this, there was a gush of release of LPG as soon as the stove was turned on.

Scenario 3:

Date of Accident: 12th December 2020

Place of Accident: Guwahati

Casualties: 66 Shanties destroyed

Reason for Accident: A short circuit is said to have triggered the accident. Electric fumes passed onto the place where the cylinder was placed.

How the Accident could have been prevented: Proper maintenance of electric circuits and plugs could have warded of the loss to precious human life and property.

Scenario 4:

Date of Accident: 30th July 2020

Place of Accident: Palakkad District, Kerela

Causalities:2 dead and 1 seriously injured

Reason for the Accident: A mentally challenged woman was cooking in the wee hours of the night.

How the Accident could have been prevented: Cooking is an exercise that requires a lot care, caution and precision. The mentally challenged woman switched the gas burner on before starting with her cooking.

The above mentioned four scenarios could have all been prevented had proper safety measures been exercised. Human life is one such gift that should never be taken lightly.

Afterall, prevention is better than cure!

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