Guarding life against LPG accidents

Guarding life against LPG accidents

LPG accidents are very common in India and majority of them result in deaths. Though the number of LPG users is on a rise in India; proper awareness of the usage and the protection still needs to be worked upon majorly.

The oil and gas suppliers must take it upon themselves to educate at least new connection users. They need to be told on the mechanism of handling the cylinders and the safety steps that can be taken so that the risk to life and property is eliminated.

Every LPG user must be told that they should turn off the regulator knob while retiring for the night. And on waking up, they must not switch on the burner idlily. They should turn on the burner knobs only when they have their milk, vegetables, etc ready.

The kitchen should be properly ventilated. In the event of a gas leakage; if the kitchen is airy; the gas would dissipate faster.

The gas cylinder should always be checked upon delivery. Faulty washers constitute a major chunk of all gas accidents. The cylinder should be checked and if the customer is not satisfied; they should not accept it.

Rats and rodents too spike up LPG accidents by biting the gas tubes. The kitchen should be free from them.

Only ISI approved regulators and tubes should be used.

As our elders say, it is better to be safe than sorry.

If the above-mentioned points are taken into account, Rakshak Gas Guard promises to protect from all remaining risks. It is a small; extremely easy to install safety device. The underlying premise of this patented product is that unrestricted gas leakage causes cylinder explosion. In line with this premise; the device automatically cuts off excess gas flow.

In addition to being patented; Rakshak Gas Guard also has certifications from some of the finest institutions in India. The Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, has given the product two certificates- Material Test Certificate and Safety Certificate. A Material Test Certificate has also been accorded to Rakshak Gas Guard from National Test House (a governmental laboratory) and Bharat Test House (which is a NABL accredited and BIS certified laboratory) has given it a Safety Certificate.

Rakshak Gas Guard reiterates the fact that human life is a invaluable and by spending a little; we can protect it.

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