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A very ambitious yet humanitarian idea saw the birth of Relon Limited in 2013. The end objective of the directors of the company was to reach the length and breadth of the country and the globe with superlative, useful, state of the art, affordable and unmatched products.

The idea was ably backed by the credentials of the company’s visionaries. Exemplary technical knowledge combined with astute business knowledge was the mantra for the company’s evolution, growth and development.

From the very beginning the company’s USPs have been:
  • R- Reliability
  • E- Exclusivity
  • L- Laureate
  • O-Originality
  • N- Novelty
Mission & Vision


The company aspires to offer superlative and patented products that elevate and promote the quality of life of mankind- the greatest gift of the Almighty.


Adopting the paradigm of sustainable development through exceptionally profitable endeavors while preserving natural resources for the future generations.

About the CEO

Mr. Rajesh Kumar, the MD & CEO of Relon Limited is a visionary par excellence. His perceptiveness, insightfulness along with his energy and zest to take the company to the top are the reasons why Relon is now a name to reckon with now.

Mr. Kumar brings to the table vast industry experience and expertise. He has handled different roles and responsibilities across different functions and domains. He has inveterate knowledge of market dynamics and customer psyche and this aspires to introduce such products which are beneficial, useful and meaningful.

He strives to make life worth living for the lesser fortunate through both his and the company’s humanitarian activities and undertakings. He deeply believes that we all have only one life; and by making a difference while we are here, we can leave behind a legacy.

Company’s Goals and Objective

The company was set up with a number of purposes in mind. The foremost amongst those were:

  • Offering products that are committed to raising standards of human life.
  • Ensuring customer delight through its products that are useful, cost effective and novel.
  • Creating ample employment opportunities for white collar a blue collar employees.
  • Generation of additional revenue streams for its dealers and distributors.