Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a LPG Gas Excess Flow Leak Safety Device, also Prevents LPG Cylinder Blast. This device is installed to the regulator output nozzle and it provides auto cutoff safety in case of any Excess Flow Leak in hosepipe or stove or combination of both even when the regulator is ON

A gas leak from the cylinder or regulator mixes with air, resulting in a combustible mixture. A spark or a source of ignition is required to complete the fire triangle. This spark ignites the flammable LPG-air mixture, resulting in an explosion.

As soon as the Gas Guard senses the excess flow of the gas from the pipe, it cuts off the supply which goes through the device, hence safeguarding the major fire hazard, preventing a Cylinder Blast.

This device is installed to any domestic regulator output nozzle by just plugging the Device input firmly on to the output nozzle of regulator. It can also be installed in piped gas lines of residence gas connections in apartments or residence with piped gas connection.

This can be installed it by yourself, just follow the instructions printed back on the packaging box.

Any type of cylinder and piped gas user can install the Relon Gas Guard. Like, houses, apartments, hotels/restaurants, etc.

This device carries a quality certificate which declare that the materials used in this device, like Copper,  Rubber, Plastic, etc. are compatible with LPG and is been certified by

i. Indian Institute of Science (IISC), Bengaluru

ii. National Test House (NTH), Kolkata (Gov of India Lab)

i. Indian Institute of Science (Performance/Working certificate)
ii. Indian institute of Science (Material Test & Compatibility Certificate)
iii. Bharath Test House (NABL Accredited & BIS Recognized Lab – Performance/Working certificate)
iv. National Test House (Material Test Certificate)

Any approvals required to undergo various test procedures and all the test procedures follow Indian Standard Codes (ISI Codes), since Relon Gas Guard is a patented technology and has not got any referral ISI Codes readily available.

No, this device is installed at the regulator output and can only sense the leakages after the device output. Washer missing leaks shall be reported immediately to the gas suppliers and do not use gas until the problem is rectified.

Yes, the product is covered under product liability insurance worth Rs. 2 Crores.

No. this device is maintenance free.

Yes, it comes with a 2-Year Warranty.