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Rakshak Gas Guard Mini (RGGM)

This offering of Relon Limited created a revolution in the Indian FMCG market upon its launch. This unique, patented product has been creating ripples in the market and in the minds of the consumers.

Rakshak Gas Guard Mini is a safety device that safeguards human lives from gas leaks and cylinder blasts. In India, these accidents have been very commonplace and the loss to human life and property has always been very humungous.

Rakshak Gas Guard Mini is a mechanical safety device which when installed on the output nozzle of an LPG cylinder; cuts excess leakage and gas flow and hence provides protection. It has an auto-cut feature; which cuts off the supply of gas as soon as excess gas is detected.

Relon Lpg Safety Device

It is suitable for two, three and four burner gas stoves. It is suitable for both government and private regulators. This device can use for both LPG cylinders and pipeline connections.

This product has received certifications and accreditations from premier institutions in India like the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, Bharat Test House, New Delhi and the National Test House, Kolkata.

Rakshak Gas Guard Mini is a small device that can be installed easily by the customers themselves.

Rakshak Gas Guard Mini (RGGM)

RGGM Connected With LPG Domestic Regulator

Note: Since it's a new invention in safety, there are no ISI standards available to get ISI marking for the product.